Odditi is an Australian furniture brand. We create objects that explore the relationship between nature and humanity, experimenting with a melding of design and art. We aim to create pieces that are collectible and valued for their existence as visual objects, not just for their function. 

We let our designs be shaped by a connection to our surrounding landscape and the tactile process of making things by hand. Nature has such a positive effect on our lives, that we’d like to bring fragments of the wilderness and the natural world into our domestic spaces.

Green design is not just a trend, it’s our future. A connection to nature, a connection to where you are and what materials are nearby. Our workshop allows for slow design, focusing on the process and the materials, while valuing the environment and the individual.

Beauty, functionality, sustainability and conscious production are not at odds – they must all be considered to create objects of worth.

We hope you’ll join us on this journey and let us be a part of your space.